As a busy newly-married mother to 4 amazing children and 3 sweet dogs, Julie needs her morning coffee to be easy, healthy, and delicious. Out of this necessity and her love for coffee, Julie created ButterBuzz in her very own kitchen.

While following the Paleo lifestyle, Julie discovered Bulletproof style coffee and quickly became a passionate advocate.

She started with the basic recipe and slowly began experimenting with ways to elevate the recipe further. By the time she found her favorite mix, she was adding 7 different ingredients to her organic fair trade coffee every morning! It was time consuming and messy. She needed her coffee fast and without all the fuss, so she came up with the BuzzPod. Using the BuzzPod is so easy.

Simply drop one into the blender with your favorite coffee (or tea!) and blend. You will get a consistently perfect cup of fat burning, healthy, and delicious coffee each and every time!