Lemon water is the bomb.  No, really.  It’s my morning ritual - my healthy routine.  I chug a tall glass of filtered water with fresh squeezed organic lemon.  One little detour before drinking…I take a shot glass full of the lemon water and squirt about 400 mgs of Mega-Mag (a magnesium supplement) and down it – it tastes NASTY – so I plug just plug my nose and drink.  (The benefits of adding magnesium to your diet are many – but for a different post!)   The rewards of this healthy ritual are many.  

Lemon water:

Aids in digestion and detoxification

  • Rejuvenates skin and heals the body

  • Boosts energy and mood

  • Helps shed pounds

The lemon in the water also bumps up your vitamin C quotient – which helps stave off colds and the flu – I hardly ever catch “what’s going around” – even if everyone in my household does!

I don’t even think about drinking my creamy, delicious protein packed (ButterBuzz’d) morning coffee until I’ve downed my lemon water…it’s all the motivation I need to guzzle down my water! 

What's your healthy morning ritual?  I love learning new things...